Peace Out

I have often heard of the benefits of meditation.  Frankly, I’m the type who sits in yoga thinking about her shopping list.  William, however, has shown great promise in yoga and pilates since an early age.

Inner Peace

Blue Puppy tries to be down with this yogi stuff, but he’s having trouble being zen about it.

As always, William ends the week in a deep state of relaxation.  I hope your week ends the same way!


  1. JWS

    he even has the correct hand position. this is such a peaceful picture.

  2. I adore him and envy him. How can *I* be that restful?

  3. Very impressive posture. Does he slump over or can he really see this meditation-nap through?

    • Leah – he probably leaned over after a while and finished the nap lying down. I can’t recall!


  1. Namaste, Nappers. Namaste. « Naps Happen

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