Plank Position

I think this whole planking trend is ridiculous.  Apparently, my three-year-old doesn’t.

plankRather than participate, Blue Puppy has stuck his head in the sand blankie.  He’s not Cormac’s puppy ANYWAY.

Planking is too hard for puppies.

Eh.  It’s too hot to play outside, anyway.  Snooze on, little planker.  Snooze on.

Oh, like YOU haven’t napped in this position.


  1. If I nap in that position, my arms fall asleep and I get wicked pins and needles. I blame my pregnancies for messing up my nerves!

  2. I am currently openly weeping because none of my kids nap anymore. Sniff.
    And yours do it so often and so damn well.

  3. I love napping/sleeping in that position, but my boobs get in the way!


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