Cozy Cohort

For some reason, when I saw this scene, it reminded me of a horrible dish my college cafeteria used to serve up called “Broccoli and Friends.”  Here he is – my little vegetable – surrounded by all his favorite entertainments.  Blue Puppy.  A piece of his train set.  The remote control.  Still, apparently, it was not enough to keep him awake.

Or maybe he’s like the Pharaohs of old(e) and he needs to have his stuff with him as he sleeps?


Aerial view of the activity.

I’m sure he’ll be springing into action any minute.

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  1. All I can think of is that remote controls are so germy and it is RIGHT THERE next to his sleepy little mouth.
    That is more dangerous than all of his acrobatic naps, combined.

    • Well, it’s not like it’s a remote in a HOTEL ROOM, at least.

      • Oh good God, no. *shudders*

        But I am 93% sure Mr T was picking Miss A’s dried boogers off the back of his shirt last night, so I just find anything kids touch to be vile.

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