Guest Napper #46 – Patriotic Pallet?

When I posted my first-ever stair nap, people were pretty amazed.

Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder why.

There’s a devastating national secret, and it’s that kids are sleeping on the steps all over this fine country of ours. From stair to shining stair, the new generation is bucking traditional ideals about beds, for God’s sake.

Mom…beds are sooo 2005. I don’t know if Wyatt has convinced his mom, Megan, yet. Change takes time. Think outside the crib. Dream big. Also…put a pillow at the bottom of the stairs.

Daring to Dream

As so many of you head to the polls today, cast your vote in favor of sleep. Wherever ye may find it. It’s the American Way.


  1. And it’s only just occurring to me that I should try a stair nap. Why leave it in the hands of babes?

  2. I’m thinking this looks pretty comfy. Maybe we should ALL give it a try?

  3. Plus I believe it’s something like the 40th anniversary of “Stairway to Heaven.” So this is so TIMELY.

    (Still love your son’s stair nap.)

  4. This just looks so dangerous! One wrong yawn and stretch and you’re done for.

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