Guest Napper #61: Mealtime Multi-tasking

You know how you get so hungry sometimes that you find yourself just shoveling your lunch in? And then you are simultaneously chugging your drink and taking a nap to rev yourself back up for the afternoon meeting?

Wait…no, me neither.


Alicia, on the other hand, has got this multi-tasking thing down. She also appears to have gotten a large quantity of pasta or, uh, sweet potatoes? down as well. Right before downing her bottle and taking a train down to Dreamland.

Shh! I'm slurping. I mean sleeping.

Slurping…excuse me, sleeping is an important skill. Her mom, Jennifer, must be so proud.



  1. Jennifer

    YAY thank you for posting this.. this is the nappers mommy!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is SO STINKIN’ CUTE! Bless her heart, she just looks so tuckered out from all that food smearing. It happens to the best of us, Sugar. I wish I had some pics like this of my kids to show at their weddings someday!

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