Burgeoning Black Belt

Ralph Macchio, step aside.

Daniel-san: How come you didn’t tell me?

Mr. Miyagi: Tell you what?

Daniel-san: That you knew karate?

Mr. Miyagi: You never ask?

"sweep the leg..."

A friend of mine once observed that there must be a huge market for karate schools because every time a strip mall goes up, the first thing to show up is a martial arts storefront. He is very wise, my friend.

But we have found a new way to save money. The industrious Cormac-san has proved to be a prodigy when it comes to napping and preparing for competition – all without any troublesome karate school.

The Crane - None Can Defeat It

Also, he has been doing triple time as a dog walker, to earn money so he can hire an eager high school student to “wax on, wax off” for him. According to eighties film, that is another good way to learn karate. If you want to go the less awesome Jackie Chan/Jaden Smith  route, I guess it’s all about hanging up your jacket over and over again. Sadly, hanging up jackets is a skill that neither William nor Cormac has shown any aptitude for, whatsoever.

You can’t be good at everything. I’m so sure – do you think Will and Jada’s kids can nap like this?

Use karate only for self-sleep-defense.

But perhaps we disturb this young pupil. As Mr. Miyagi said, we should “leave boy alone to train.”

Indeed. Let him pursue the mastery of sleep.


  1. As long as he isn’t also catching flies (with his mouth)? Looks like a reasonable nap position to me…

  2. I can’t believe your boys keep putting on the sleep hits. I believe it, actually, but I can’t believe I can’t get my kids to follow suit.

    • I know it will end someday, but I am also amazed that just when I think I’ve seen the last good nap, another one comes along! Thanks for sticking with us…

  3. JD

    Being a former ballet/tap/jazz dancer, I totally rock the Crane move. I henceforth challenge Cormac to a Crane face-off. I would totally kick his butt. In a sweet, motherly way.

  4. When you dispatch him to his first karate showdown , you need to disclose his secret weapon- ADORABLENESS – to avoid disqualification. Ellen


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