Behind Bars

Friday is such a special time of the week, right? You’re dragging your sorry backside across the finish line, but it feels good.

Cormac didn’t make it, though.

Behind baby bars.

I came back from my workout to find that Cormac had decided to have an early nap on the floor of the childcare room at the gym.

Underneath the crib.

Thank goodness the wonderful woman there is a friend of mine. She took some GREAT photos! Thanks, Dianna!

Rockin’ the Jailhouse

He didn’t even take his coat off before crawling under here to zonk out. But, hey, any mom knows that when you get a chance to take a nap, you go to sleep almost with panicked speed. Why shouldn’t kids do the same? I think I’d sleep in my coat, too, if I knew I could squeeze in some shut eye.

In the words of the immortal Elvis, You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see

Happy Friday, sleepyheads! Wishing naps to everybody in the whole cell block.


  1. WHY won’t my kids ever do this? Seriously. I feel like I am being cheated.

    • How old are your kids now? William didn’t start until 2.5 and Cormac a little earlier, due to excellent example, of course!

  2. HA I love this post 🙂 He’s such a cutie and resourceful for finding his quiet places!!

  3. What kind of baby crib is on the pictures?

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