Guest Napper #104 – Beauty…no, Booty Sleep

I’ve been working really hard to get my garden producing actual, edible vegetables this year. You know, edible by us and not just for the critters who seem to end up devouring my three tomatoes and one squash each year.

Well, I have to say, this picture Laurel sent me of her daughter really felt familiar. I mean, gardening just wrings the life out of me sometimes.

Give those garden pests the boot!

What I really like is that she has managed to scrounge a third boot for her respite. I mean, you gotta have your galoshes in the garden.

Lots of them.

Sigh. I wonder if she’s dreaming up new ways to make my compost better? Look at her…she is listening to the whispers of Mother Nature! Gifted child.

Go forth and commune with nature. Just be sure to bring extra footwear.




  1. Adorable. And gardening in a dress – so proper!

    • napsadmin

      I know! Almost a catalog shot. But…perhaps not…


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