Guest Nappers #122 and #123: Doubled Over

It won’t take much for me to explain why I loved this twin nap.

Apparently, Lance and Austin refused to take a nap for their daddy. As we all know, though, the siren song of sleep is impossible for children this age to resist for long. The result was, as you see, that Lance succumbed to slumber before actually hitting the floor.

Austin is asleep on top of a piece of pizza.

Doubled Over

In their defense, it looks like someone tried to do some house cleaning before he passed out on his dinner. Well, that’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it…as he will be to his pepperoni when he wakes.

Bath time!



  1. OMG, is his face ON a piece of pizza? Too funny. I love this one.

    • napsadmin

      I know, right? Sometimes you just can’t get the entire scenario without a little captioning!

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