Guest Napper #138: Papasan Pretzel

When Kristi at The Robot Mommy sent me this picture, she didn’t realize what a service she’d done me. You see, I was shopping for new chairs for my boys for Christmas (after the inevitable, eventual demise of The Naps Happen Chair of great napping fame) and I had thought…maybe I should get them papasan chairs?

Well, it seems that papasan chairs might be a little too soporific for this already-nap-prone family.

“You see, you SMUSH yourself into the shape of the chair, like so…”

Also, I must confess that this chair does not, at present, appear to be very comfortable.

Hmmmm. Bean bag chairs. Those are for us.

Out with the old…


  1. That does not look comfortable at all! Oh, and I’m sad to see that cute chair go.

    • Alicia

      You know, Kathy, I was sad, too. However, the photo of the chair from the back is deceptively generous. The FRONT of the chair was…well…you have boys. You can imagine!

  2. What a cute chair! Sorry you have to let it go :(. Btw, those papasans are pretty cool and comfy (as you can see). My daughter sleeps like a contortionist a lot. It was awesome when she was in the womb… Ouch
    Thanks for having me as your guest 🙂

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