Guest Napper #139: CAT NAP (really)

This blog has been going for years now. How can it have taken us this long to post a cat nap?

I might consider putting my head at the other end.

Dozing dogs, we’ve had aplenty. Why not a furry feline?

Wherever you find comfort this festive (and sometimes furry) season, try to make sure you’re not on the bottom of the dog…er…the cat pile. Just, you know, something to think about.

Happy Holidays!





  1. Cats are so soft, and sometimes dogs can be a little prickly if they have really short hair. I think you’re right though, she needs to be at the other end!

  2. I just “SQUEEEEEEE!!!”‘ed. Really.

  3. That is one of the top 5 naps ever!

  4. That’s just so cute I can’t even HANDLE it!!!

  5. Wendy

    Now that is a great nap! I’m going to have to show my hubby this one!

  6. So cute although I may sneeze just looking at it.

  7. I’m dying of cuteness.

  8. The kid is so sprawled out on the cat and it’s adorable! Nice cat to be abused like that.

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