Guest Napper #162: Bark-A-Lounger

You know how you hate it when the kids take over your favorite chair?

child asleep on dog

Warm AND soft!


…and then you just die of cuteness.

Let’s hear it for dogs and their kids. Happy Fourth of July week!


  1. There’s something about a sleeping toddler and a curled up dog that gets me every time. And when they’re together? Awwwwww ……..

  2. So friggin’ cute!

  3. So adorable!

  4. I had to squint to determine that the dog was not just a part of the couch. Now I want a furry couch.

  5. Mir

    Hi There…..

    Couldn’t help to notice that your black dog looks identical to mine. Funny how that happens. Was he/she a rescue dog?

    • Alicia

      This isn’t actually my photo – it was submitted by a reader, so I don’t know. Sorry!

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