Guest Napper #190: Lackadaisical Lactation

I wonder if putting this picture on Facebook would get me banned?

toddler asleep with dolls

Also, I wonder if mothers of twins may be able to especially relate to this picture of udder (sorry – had to) exhaustion? Because I only had one baby at a time and I surely looked like this on many an occasion.

Well, okay, maybe I didn’t nurse while wearing a five-point harness. For safety and all.

Breastfeeding women of the world, we salute you. Nursing and napping…together at last.



  1. That is awesome. Ellen

    • Alicia

      Awesomely efficient…;)

  2. Lindsay

    That is exactly the way I felt breastfeeding two at the same time!

  3. Absolutely love this!!! Says a lot about her parenting, too! Good job mama! <3

  4. Sending this to my friend who pregnant with twins…no doubt she’ll want to snag a 5-point harness for herself!

    • Alicia

      A detail I didn’t include is that this little girl IS a twin, so she learned from the best!

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