Come ON! What is this?

This blog is now just an archive, but we had some fun, didn’t we? Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with us…


First off, my kids do have beds.

As a toddler, my oldest started collapsing into naps in the strangest places and positions.  Naturally, I took pictures, thinking they wouldn’t happen again.

I was wrong.  It’s been over three years now and the naps have kept coming.  In fact, the napping gene appears to have been transferred to our younger son, who now appears in our posts as frequently as his brother.  In answer to the questions so many of you have asked – No, neither of my boys is narcoleptic and no, I do not pose the pictures.  Seriously!

Sweet dreams!


  1. kelli mckee

    I am so glad you started this blog! We have the picture of the nosedive nap proudly posted on our ridiculously large bulletin board at gHQ.

  2. I love your son. He’s the most creative napper I’ve ever seen. And this from a woman who has twins and spent a year napping anywhere she could.

    • Thank you! Just visited your blog, thanks to Brenna, and will definitely be back! I’m sort of new to this whole parental blogging universe, so I’m just learning about the fun ones to read. Brenna is so nice to share my blog with all of you.

  3. katerwaul

    Jumped over here from Brenna’s blog and this is awesome!! Son’s ability to sleep anywhere will work for him in later years. I almost snarfed my tea on the screen at the stairway sequence. (oh – and go Skins!!)

  4. Jeanne

    Oh I absolutely love your blog!! I have nap envy…my child does not nap. I just about spurted coffee out while checking out your nappers…

  5. This is fantastic! My kids have never fallen asleep outside of the usual car/bed/stroller scenarios. How I wish they would doze off spontaneously once in awhile! Great blog!

  6. My oldest son doesn’t ever nap, never has. But I caught him today passed out on the floor, took a pic, posted on FB and a friend sent me to see your blog. Too much fun!

  7. JD

    I thought of your blog yesterday. My 2 yr old fell asleep on the couch. This isn’t news for most, I realize, but she has never fallen asleep anywhere except her bed and the car seat. I guess there was an occasional stroller snooze, but not many.

    But the sad part of this story? She is is the midst of giving up the nap. At age 2.25. She can’t fall asleep at night until way too late if she naps. Even an hour nap. It SUCKS. My other kid gave up the nap at 2.5 so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. Ugh.

    • Take heart – that was the age when William started the first of the naps (see the very first pics). It may be that, if you’re willing to be more flexible with times and places, she’ll still take the naps she really needs. If I had continued to rigidly enforce bed naps, life might have been very different for us…worse!

  8. Kim

    Oh my god, I happened upon your blog, by a link provided by Motherhood, WTF? and just started reading, and laughed out loud at all of the pics of your kids napping. I started scrolling down before reading your “C’mon, what is this” and was laughing OUT LOUD at all the different places they were, mouths open, SOUND asleep. It’s the funniest thing I have ever seen! I love it! I’m new to blogging and am having so much fun reading everyone’s blogs, I’m adding you to my faves list!!! Check mine out if you have the time!

    • Thanks, Kim! It’s always fun to provide fresh laughs. You know. I don’t want to be a snooze (ba dum DUM).

  9. Kathy

    Ok, so I saw your blog over at Lola is 40 and seriously thought it said Nags Happen. And I immediately jumped on. Why, you ask? Well, for 2 reasons: 1. Because I love Nags Head, NC (actually Hatteras Island) and 2. Because I am an old Hag and for some reason some people may considered me a Nag at times. So, I say, S, F, P to it all and am thinking I may need to get my vision checked again. Oh, and talking about those sweet pictures of those sweet ones napping: I will see if I can rustle up some pictures of when my little shits were little and napping and/or of our GRAND ones that are adorable nappers. Ciao for now…..and thanks for the laughs!

  10. jo

    LOVE your nap pictures. Funnily enough they are very relaxing to look at !

    • Alicia

      I’m so glad! We adults can only dream, eh?

  11. My 2nd son fell asleep standing up (but leaning on his bed) once when he was about 18 months old. I wish I’d had a camera. He’s now 19 and getting him out of bed is more of an issue lol.


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