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Burgeoning Black Belt

Ralph Macchio, step aside. Daniel-san: How come you didn’t tell me? Mr. Miyagi: Tell you what? Daniel-san: That you knew karate? Mr. Miyagi: You never ask? A friend of mine once observed that there must be a huge market for karate schools because every time a strip mall goes up, the first thing to show …

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Guest Napper #67 – Flying Friendly-like

With my good friend Allison at Motherhood WTF preparing to take an epic flight to New Zealand, I found this picture of wee future traveler Adora to be particularly apt. Adora’s mom, Ruth, tells me this girl was sitting in her Bumbo waiting for a meal, and I’ll be damned if I haven’t had this …

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Guest Napper #66 – Upholstered Exhaustion

These pictures Jen sent me of her daughter Cecelia remind me of how I feel at 10pm on some weekdays. In short, I’m just done. I can neither confirm nor deny that Cecelia has been teaching class, but she sure looks like she knows my pain. Perhaps she had a bad day getting those unruly …

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Slumbering Sweetheart

Grilled cheese is good for your heart. Here’s hoping your box of valentines is full, that you have many sweet bedtime kisses, and that all your conversation hearts are imprinted with ZZZZZZZZZZZZs. Much Love, Team Naps