Guest Napper #200: Sea of Dreams

I take pride in trying to give my boys a summer like the ones I had in the seventies and eighties. So far, we’ve had tree climbing, Slip ‘n Sliding, and Pop Rocks with Coke.

Okay, I’m fibbing about the Pop Rocks with Coke.

Frozen yogurt may have replaced Cherry Slushees and we may no longer ride in Pinto station wagons, but I’m pretty sure kids still have to wear life jackets when they’re out on the water…or just anytime they seem like a good substitute for a pillow.

Matching Togs and Ready for the Yacht.

Matching Togs and Ready for the Yacht.

This little dude is rockin’ the late seventies without rockin’ the boat. He’s ready for anything, including the great flood that is coming while he is asleep.

It’s a good thing he’s got an evacuation plan via the pants, because ain’t nobody pulling his clothes over his head in a hurry, that’s for sure!

Be safe out there, sailors, and get your sleep.


Guest Napper #199: Dog Food Doze

I’m beginning to feel like the napping habits of America’s youth are going to the dogs.

child sleeping on dog food

Firm…if lumpy.

Perhaps our young sir would benefit from more of that organic spinach in the cart? He seems to not have the fortitude to make it through this club store trip.  Things must have gotten a little ruff.

Rut row. Too many bad puns, Scooby?

Enjoy the ride and awake refreshed, little man!

Guest Napper #198: Paragon of Posture

We’ve all been told how important it is to have good posture at our desks. Hunching all day and twisting ourselves over our keyboards…well…it’s bound to catch up with us, eventually.

This little dude has taken that advice very seriously.

If you use the stool this way, it's better for your posture.

If you use the stool this way, it’s better for your posture.

I’m not sure if he’s ready to do his taxes, or if he spent too long on Facebook, or if he’s engaging in some sort of experiment involving whether or not productivity is dependent up on the warmth of one’s feet. All I can say is that his level of relaxation is impressive, considering his ramrod straight posture.

A chin bar. That’s what we all need.

Next time you are scowling at your illuminated laptop screen and you reach back to massage the crick in your neck, remember you could have taken measures to prevent that type of problem.

He did.


Guest Napper #197: Sibling Save

It’s not like we’ve never had a cart nap before.

It’s not like we’ve never had a sibling cart nap before.

However, you gotta love how this older brother is totally in the zone of RESPECT THE NAP.

Hush your mouths, noisy shoppers!

Hush your mouths, noisy shoppers!

Personally, I’d buy this kid whatever raft of sugary cereal he wanted on this trip to Costco, because this is a young man who knows the value of a silent shopping trip. Aye, there be nap pirates about, and they be hungry for revenge.

SHHHHHHH!  Shhhhhhh.  Be still, people of Costco.

A quiet bargain is the best bargain of all.