Guest Napper #183: The Princess and the ZZZZZ

Apparently, being a princess is pretty exhausting.

Jeannette sent me this picture of her daughter, who collapsed from exhaustion while she was participating in a Mickey’s Halloween Sing-a-long.


All the tutu fluffing just became too much.

Shades of Roman Holiday, perhaps? Uh ohhhhh.

No worries. Apparently, Sleeping Beauty woke up on her own an hour later: no prince required.

Guest Napper #182: Nose to Knees

At Naps Happen, we appreciate flexibility in sleep. Usually I mean that in a figurative sense. In this case, it’s quite literal.

baby asleep

What scented detergent is Mom using on my socks?

I’m wondering if this child’s parents use Poppy-scented detergent on her socks? Either that, or she’s enjoying a very good, long stretch.

As always, Namaste, baby. Namaste.

Guest Napper #181: Riding in Place

On this day when so very, very many Americans are beyond frustrated by the infuriating futility of government activity…well…I give you this:

Riding a bike in a tent.

girl asleep on bigwheel

Ever get the feeling you’re up against a wall?

And that is all. Ahem.

Guest Nappers #179 and #180: Spectators Snoozing

The cool thing about writing Naps Happen  is that you eventually become the go-to social media destination for any and all friends who witness a post-worthy nap.

That is exactly what happened this summer, when I was pinged by my college friend Peter, whose kids had fallen asleep on the pavement while waiting for a parade to start. That ground – it is so warm. Mmmmm. Sleepy spectators.

kids asleep on pavement

Too pooped for the parade.

I hope the parade was more exciting than the anticipation of it, ’cause this event does appear to be a real snooze.

Ba dum DUM!

Bring on the marching band. We have to wake these kids up. It’s Fall!