Guest Napper #185: Toy Box Tycoon

Now that the holidays are (ever so remotely) in sight, my four-year-old can constantly be heard saying “That! I want that for Christmas!” Since this is incredibly annoying, I consider it total justification for beginning my own recent refrain:

Santa is watching.

But, hey, this little guy may not need to ask for anything for Christmas. He’s just focused on hanging on to what he’s already got.

Worldly goods can become a burden.

Worldly goods can become a burden.

Apparently, keeping track of your stuff is an exhausting task.

If Santa’s workshop is in overtime right now, this kiddo is getting forty winks for each of those tired elves. Hang in there, buddy…only a couple of months to go!


Guest Napper #184: Nose in a Book

How fondly I remember those long afternoons I spent reading as a kid. Whether it was Nancy Drew or The Chronicles of Narnia or Ballet Shoes, you couldn’t tear me away from my beloved books. Sometimes I would sit and eat a stack of American cheese slices while I read for hours.

Okay, that part might not have been such a good idea. Burp.

Anyway, at least from the reading perspective (regardless of cheese consumption) I’m thinking this girl is my kindred spirit.

girl asleep in book

Don’t you love the smell of a real book? Kindles aren’t the same.

People like those newfangled digital readers now, but I prefer the old fashioned reading experience. I mean, those flat electronic things won’t balance on your face very well and they create static on your facial hairs.

Here’s hoping your kids apply themselves to intellectual pursuits over the weekend. Happy Friday!

Guest Napper #183: The Princess and the ZZZZZ

Apparently, being a princess is pretty exhausting.

Jeannette sent me this picture of her daughter, who collapsed from exhaustion while she was participating in a Mickey’s Halloween Sing-a-long.


All the tutu fluffing just became too much.

Shades of Roman Holiday, perhaps? Uh ohhhhh.

No worries. Apparently, Sleeping Beauty woke up on her own an hour later: no prince required.

Guest Napper #182: Nose to Knees

At Naps Happen, we appreciate flexibility in sleep. Usually I mean that in a figurative sense. In this case, it’s quite literal.

baby asleep

What scented detergent is Mom using on my socks?

I’m wondering if this child’s parents use Poppy-scented detergent on her socks? Either that, or she’s enjoying a very good, long stretch.

As always, Namaste, baby. Namaste.