Sofa Bed Sneer

My boys don’t always share.

However, one thing they do both enjoy is taking all the cushions off the couch.  If I didn’t know better than this, I’d say Cormac is mocking me by taking his seated nap right next to the instructions for opening the sofa bed.

Afternoon matinee cut short...

You may all find this hard to believe, but sometimes it seems like it would be nice just to put my kid in his room (in his bed, in case that’s not obvious) and have him sleep like a normal person. Instead, both of my children prefer to stubbornly refuse a nap and then crash, contrariwise, in the most uncomfortable possible location…tantalizingly close to a bed.

Poop on you, mommy.  Happy Friday.

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Stairmaster Throwdown

In the growing spirit of competition between my snoozing sons, Cormac has attacked William’s greatest asset.

The stair nap.


Boasting a move never before seen in the nap-o-lympics, Cormac has even attempted this challenging feat without props.  As long-time fans know, William has executed two perfect stair naps before, but he’s always had help.

Aerial Maneuver

Look at that form.  A perfect 10.  He didn’t even drop his blankie.


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Sleepy Self-Portrait

In keeping with our continuing theme of imitating the great artists, William has been working on his self-portrait.

Portrait of the Artist

Apparently, he needed to remove all distractions (such as cushions) from the couch and commit to a spartan level of comfort in order to tap into his unrealized artistic potential.  Also, meditation may have played a role.

Ultimately, this was day was not fated to be the one in which he’d create that brilliant work.  I’m sure he’s feeling a little bit of pressure on that front, since his brother has already been working on the same project.

It was, however, a fantastic day for a nap.  That’s something any critic can appreciate.

The Lazies Who Lunch

Here’s to the lazies who lunch…everybody laugh.

William used to crash in some pretty strange places.  However, when it comes to falling asleep at his plate, it’s Cormac FTW.


Soft chair seat...

Aerial View

I almost have enough of these in the hopper to do “Face in Your Plate” week. Something to look forward to.

I hope none of you are waking up like this as your local Irish pub today.