His Better Half

As you all know, I just live for tandem naps.  More often, though, one kid naps while the other one either pesters me for my full attention (thereby preventing me from having a minute of personal time all day) or disrupts the other one.

Here we have a situation where I seem to have one boy napping while the other occupies himself with scholarly pursuits.  A rare treat, indeed.

And who doesn’t need a special treat today?  Has this not been a long week, people?  Are we not tired of cold medicine and cancelled school?

Slumber on, sweet Cormac.  Slumber on.

Over and Out

This is a good one for all my friends out there who are busy writing papers for school or correcting papers for school…or…staying up too late with the Kindle?

Tractor Tipping

William was busy reading about tractor tipping with his V-tech pen.  As you can see, the story was not thrilling enough to prevent an impromptu snooze at the height of the story.

Blue Puppy was also overcome.

Dragons and Monkeys and Chix Nuggets, Oh My!

There are a lot of things to say about this nap, and I don’t know which to choose…so I guess I’ll say them all.


First, I don’t know what motivates my children to remove all the cushions from the couch before sitting (and sleeping) on it.

Second, please note the horribly mismatched jammies.  On top is the Hanna Andersson dragon pattern and on the bottom a very faded, hand-me-down Old Navy number covered in faded monkeys.  The result is a weird Wizard of Oz flying monkeys effect.

Lastly – who doesn’t love a half-eaten chicken nugget waiting when he wakes up?  I want to issue a disclaimer that this chicken nugget was NOT in the couch before the cushions were removed.  Cormac brought it there before dozing off.  Really.  Honestly.

The wide shot

I assure you those instructions on the label do not suggest removing cushions and then sleeping on the unopened sofa bed.

And now nobody who visits us will want to sleep on the sofa bed.  Good going, Mom.




Guest Napper #12

We’ve all been hiding too long in our houses – buried by snow and coughs and Disney Jr. shows.  The first day of March!  A day to dust off your spiffiest togs and get out there to meet the spring!

Fancy Dress Nap

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to little Cameron.  His mom, Carla, is a good friend of ours.  I assure you we did not fall asleep at her wedding.  Years later, however, Cameron the Ring Bearer went face down at his uncle’s wedding.  I’m sure this picture will come out to entertain Cameron’s future prom date in about thirteen years.

But, hey, at least he showed up!  And that’s what we’re going to do.  Get dressed and bravely face the day.

Maybe squeeze in a little nap later.