Turn Me Over…I’m Done!

I really have no excuse at all for posting this very summery nap, except that it is so long until summer that I felt it couldn’t wait.

With more snow approaching the Northeast, I know my friends up there will appreciate this memory of hot days, grilled brats, and cold …well, we won’t talk about the libations.  Although, admittedly, one could suspect that William snuck something from the cooler, the way he has placed his nap UNDER the grill.

I'm done nap He was there for awhile, too.

I'm Done Nap

Obviously, the grill was not in use and I checked on him frequently to make sure he was okay.  He snoozed away until he was perfectly cooked and then came back inside.  What a champ.

It will be summer again, people.  Hang on!  Also, Happy Friday!

Monkey See Monkey Not Do

When you have a second child, everyone and their mother says “Just get them on the same schedule so you can have some time to yourself!”  Well, I applaud these fabulous moms who manage to mold their children’s schedules to the perfect afternoon moment of silence (during which they are angelically snoozing in their little beds) but I was never, ever able to arrange this.  I’m not saying it never happened, but it rarely happened…and never due to any kind of special skill on my part.

This is a more common scene from my neither-golden-nor-silent afternoon.

The big one. He slumbers. Boo ha ha haaa.

What you see probably follows an hour when Cormac (the little one) was sleeping peacefully and William (the big one) was demanding cartoons, juice, and a visit from the Rockettes.

But it never fails.

No sooner has William gone facedown than Cormac is faceup.  And in William’s face.  I’ll leave you to ponder what happened next…

Guest Napper #8

Brenna graciously scouted this picture for me, which is of her niece Julia.  Like any normal person would be, Brenna was initially skeptical that Julia is actually asleep in the picture, but her mom swears it is true.

Not accustomed to this much cooking.

What’s funny to me, as an obvious fan of naps, is that Julia’s mom apparently took the picture to show Brenna that her daughter was wearing the personalized apron Brenna sent her for Christmas.

What of the nap?  I call it brilliant!  Forget the apron!

On the other hand, a future in the culinary arts may not be in the cards for this little one.  Too (yawn) tiring.

A New Twist?

…because it had to have taken some childlike flexibility to somehow toss his puppy up on top of the pillow after covering himself with all that other stuff.  I tell you, it’s a positive inspiration to all of us who have once again dedicated ourselves to our previously neglected fitness goals in the coming year.

Ummm...I don't know

Black puppy isn’t looking so chipper, though.  Upward dog doesn’t appear to agree with him.

I think I’m going to go do some stretching now.  Happy 2011!  Looking forward to napping flexibility – both in form and in location.