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Guest Napper #103 – Stubborn, but Snoozing

On Wednesday night, the neighborhood started setting off small fireworks just after we’d tucked the boys into bed. Ahhhh, the things you never know until you are a parent. That 9pm is a seriously bad time for parents to hear fireworks! Of course our kids had their faces glued to the window until at least …

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Guest Napper #74 – Undercovers

We all like to have sweet dreams, but Noah has taken extra precautions to ensure that his are especially amusing. Knock knock. Who’s there? Noah. Noah who? You didn’t Noah it was me taking that nap, did you? Ahhhh, I amuse myself. Really, I do. I’ll be here all week. But, seriously, folks. Because sleep …

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Amazzzzing Abs

I know – it looks fake, right? Even as I’m turning my head this way and that, I feel my upper abs getting tired. If this is preferable to napping in his bed, perhaps it is time for something cushier upstairs? This looks less like a nap to me than it does like some late …

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Inversions - the best part of yoga.

Put Your Feet Up

My kid is just taunting me, here.  Okay – this is not his bed.  But it’s like he said “You have failed as a parent.  As other toddlers nap in their beds the world over, this afternoon, I will lie here.” I especially like the synchronized napping he’s got going on with bunny, in the …

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