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Because...it's that easy!

Guest Nappers #203 and 204: Positraction

Don’t you hate it how your kids never behave for you, and then they’re just perfect angels for NANA? Because we all know children are sweetest when they’re asleep. Jeannette from Mommy Needs a Martini sent me this infuriating photo of her children, who seem to have walked through their Nana’s door and instantly and …

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Always Use Your Napkin

It’s been awhile since I sorted through my horribly disorganized photos to pull up a nap from one of my own sleeping angels. This one came up today. Cormac takes a lot of naps on the couch these days (the rest are in other unmentionable places – don’t think for a moment that anyone is …

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Scoot over.

Guest Napper #73 -ReDADux (I’ll Be Here All Week)

After my horrifying mistake of last week, when I announced that Father’s Day was coming a full week early, I received this great Dad and Son nap from Danielle, who has provided a great couch nap before. I guess Christopher is just not great at making it completely onto the couch. But it doesn’t look …

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Guest Napper #69 – Sleepy Surfing

At first, when I saw this picture Emma sent of her son Sirius, I thought “Eh, he’s sleeping on an ottoman. We’ve seen that before.” But he’s not. Look more closely. In fact, Sirius is balanced on the arm of this couch. He looks like he conked out there on the way to his workout, …

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