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Um...you're kicking my hiney, Bud.

Guest Napper #29 Redux – Cuddly Couch Potatoes

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. The holiday when everyone stuffs themselves to the gills and then collapses on the couch while  the hosts do the dishes.  Or maybe just Mom. Anyway, it looks like our little darlings who made such a sensation with their dog-and-baby nap over a year ago are back. And, boy, are they sleepy. These two …

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Guest Napper #120 – Canine Cuddle

Pillow Pooch

This morning, we found my son’s Blue Puppy stuck in the branches of our neighbors’ tree. I’m not sure if he left it there, in a fit of imagination, or if they kindly hung it for us to find, like a lost mitten. Either way, he loves his stuffed friend. I’m sure he’d much rather …

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Waste not, want not.

Guest Napper #105: A Dog’s Dream

One of my projects this summer has been to finally start using a compost bin. In fact, just yesterday I made a Brite about all the useful ways your pet can contribute to your compost. So how appropriate is it that Xander’s dad sent me this wonderful nap, wherein his loyal pup is waiting to …

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Guest Napper #62 – Pillow Top Pooch

Most parents are distressed when napping goes to the dogs at their houses. Maria (mother of both of these two snoozers), however, doesn’t have a problem with it. We’ve all heard about “a boy and his dog.” But what about us girls? As you can see, Duke is pretty patient with his girl Isabel…and it …

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