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child asleep on Mickey Mouse

Rapturous Repose

Sometimes the funniest details of a nap photo are only apparent to me when I insert it, full-size, into my post.  I thought I would be making a puppet joke.  For, indeed, Cormac looks like a boy (who is not yet a REAL boy), resting in his father’s workshop for the night. But, instead, I …

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Leaning Toddler Of Pizzzzzza

When I see this extremely uncomfortable-looking nap, I can only surmise that Cormac was examining the crumbs between the couch cushions. That’s my first thought. And then my second thought is…how did he drop his pacifier on his right side and then swing wildly over to the left? We’re going to have to work on …

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Lunchtime Lethargy

I promised you more pictures of Cormac sleeping at the table, and I will not disappoint. Judging by this performace, I’d say he’s not far from being able to sleep standing up.  At very least, he is going to be awesome at sneaking that little post-lunch snooze in algebra about fourteen years from now. Let’s …

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Post-Holiday Crash

With all the chocolate and the activity, the crash was bound to come sooner or later.  Fortunately, Cormac had the forethought to snuggle up with his new dancing Mickey and, yes, to make sure he also had a pacifier. In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s a wooden top.  Very creative, I say! Looking …

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