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Guest Napper #71 – Tired of Toothpaste

Goodness knows, we all try to teach our kids good hygiene. You know…wash your HANDS and brush your TEETH. It seems like a constant uphill battle to get them to perform these tasks at all, let alone correctly. Well, Odin seems to have a little extra work to do. You see, he has slathered his …

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Burgeoning Black Belt

Ralph Macchio, step aside. Daniel-san: How come you didn’t tell me? Mr. Miyagi: Tell you what? Daniel-san: That you knew karate? Mr. Miyagi: You never ask? A friend of mine once observed that there must be a huge market for karate schools because every time a strip mall goes up, the first thing to show …

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Guest Napper #65 – Ow ow ow ow!

Folks, I’m about to make you feel really old. At very least, I’m about to drive a huge spike in memberships at yoga studios for the week. Nilam sent me this picture of her daughter Karina. Now you go do it.

Guest Napper #64 – Mortified Mope?

  Falling asleep in your bouncer isn’t a new idea. We’ve seen it before around here. Something different is going on, though, in this picture that Crystal sent me. It’s like Jack is saying, “Mom. Please. I am TOO OLD FOR THIS STUFF.” Monkeys? Rainbows? I mean…what a snooze. Cheer up, Jack. It’s Friday.