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Guest Napper #63 – Touchdown! I mean…Facedown!

My husband is a huge Patriots fan and is clearly outnumbered in his office. Seeing as how he’s in enemy territory, this is how I envision him this week at work. Under his desk. I don’t know if little Alex has any particular team sympathies, but I do note that he is prepared to stay …

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Guest Napper #61: Mealtime Multi-tasking

You know how you get so hungry sometimes that you find yourself just shoveling your lunch in? And then you are simultaneously chugging your drink and taking a nap to rev yourself back up for the afternoon meeting? Wait…no, me neither. Alicia, on the other hand, has got this multi-tasking thing down. She also appears …

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Timid Tiptoes

First of all, this is the entryway of to my house. Secondly, I’m still not sure how William gets into these hidey holes without an accomplice. That is, by the way, one of those prickly wipe-your-feet-clean doormats next to his face. One thing that I can tell you is that he’s in this sunny spot …

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Guest Napper #56 – Resolved to Rest

Here’s a good New Year’s Resolution: Get a smaller dog. Thanks to Gabrielle’s tot for showing us all that we’re not alone in feeling like we just can’t get up for work tomorrow. Happy New Year!