Sleepy Spelunker

I can’t think of anything clever to say about this, but I don’t think you’ll need my help to find the humor in it.

...and all that was left of him...

So often, I come into a quiet room and can’t find my child for a few seconds.  I know he’s napping somewhere.  The challenge is to figure out which crevice he’s in.

There he is. Intact.

Maybe he’ll find some money under the couch while he’s at it.

Perhaps he's a future spelunker?

More likely some stale Cheerios, unfortunately.


  1. If that kid’s hand was under MY couch, I’d fear for it’s safety. I have no idea what’s growing under there.

  2. JD

    Ugh, I know what’s under my couch. And it ain’t pretty. Or clean. Or anything I want to be near. So I keep my distance.

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