Welcome, and Have a Nap!

If you’re landing at Naps Happen for the first time, the sheer number of dreamy snoozes in here can get overwhelming. You can just scroll down and start clicking, or you can sample a few of my favorites to get started.

Naps on the deck!

Naps in contorted positions!

Naps that seem like they couldn’t have possibly happened!

Naps with man’s best friend!

Naps amid screaming day campers on wet tile!

Naps at the table!

Twin naps!

I’m sorry…I’m feeling sleepy and I need to take a break. Make yourselves welcome and come back to see us again!



  1. I want a nap! And I don’t really care where–count me in as your newest fan!

    • napsadmin

      Great! Glad to have you!


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